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Bar & Plate Intercoolers for the Automotive Enthusiast:  TEMAC offers aluminum bar & plate intercoolers for many current model vehicles as well as universal core configurations for  kit manufacturers and do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts.  Whether you are looking for a complete cooler or want to build your own, our experienced engineers are ready to assist in the selection of a unit for your specific application. 

Air-Cooled Intercoolers:  TEMAC carries a variety of cooler cores in dimensions.  Check with a sales representative for more details.

Water Cooled Intercoolers:  




  • All aluminum, vacuum brazed construction

  • Varying core dimensions utilizing standard parts

  • Robust design to handle high pressures and temperatures

  • Multiple fin geometries

  • Cores and complete coolers available


Bar & plate, brazed aluminum air-cooled heat exchangers can be found in a variety of applications, including; air compressors, generators, machine tools, off-highway vehicles and equipment, Agricultural & forestry equipment, construction equipment, engines - trucks & buses and automotive aftermarket.


  • Designed for maximum Efficiency
    Bar & plate coolers offer superior heat transfer in a more compact size than conventional tube & fin or extruded tube and header units.

  • Strong, Lightweight and corrosion resistant
    Manufactured with heavier gauge materials, TEMAC bar & plate coolers can handle greater pressures than other similarly constructed units and last longer in adverse conditions.




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