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Axial Fans:

Axial Impellers: Where most panel fan manufacturers try to fit your application into one of their standard sizes, TEMAC custom engineers panel fans to meet your dimensional, performance and environmental concerns.

TEMAC offers a complete line of Multi-wing axial impellers in sizes from 7 inches to greater than 8 feet in diameter to meet your specific air flow and static requirements.  Where steel fans are required, TEMAC incorporates Horton/ECS impellers.

For mobile applications, TEMAC offers a range of axial fans including hydraulic, air motor and DC drive fan units. 

TEMAC is your supplier for standard Keystone Axial Fan, Spun-Hood Power Roof Ventilator and Vertical Exhaust Power Roof Ventilator units.


Have one of our experienced engineers select a impeller or design a unique fan for your application.


Click on the hyperlinks below to get an overview and learn more about the applications and design features of each Multi-Wing Axial Impeller series. 


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